Are Netent Slots Rigged?

  • Jan 21, 2021

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, same as the old saying goes. But how exactly can this concept be applied in casino igaming and more so in NetEnt slots? Its time to give a closer look at the technology that supports your favourite games and how exactly the game makers ensure that there is a level playing ground for everyone. Perhaps a chance to assure you that your chances of landing a winning spin are as equal as everyone's'. With such insights in mind, it could foster your confidence in Netent slots. Click to read more about NetEnt slots.

Any discussion that goes around the credibility of online slots could only make sense if it starts with some definitions. The two main aspects that you could need to consider include Return to Player and the Random number generator. The Return to Player is commonly abbreviated as RTP while the Random Number Generator is abbreviated as RNG These two are absolutely very important in understanding how exactly online slots are designed, how fair they are and just how they dish out rewards from time to time. Click for some more tips on how RTPs and RNGs work.

RTPs and RNGs

The RTP in the world of online slots could be defined as an indication of the odds you have on your side in a particular NetEnt slot. Its usually expressed as a percentage. You probably have met some parameters like 98.4% attached so a slot. This simply could be defined as the percentage of funds that could go back to the player after an infinite number of spins. For instance, in a slot that comes with 95% RTP, then for every €10 wagered, you could expect that €9.5 goes back to the player. Let's not look into the RNGs as well.

Most experienced players understand that every other online slot you find on the internet is usually co-ordinated a computer algorithm that is popularly known as Random number generator. This algorithm is meant to ensure that every one of the players gets an equal chance to win. Every time you spin reels, the random number generator gives some different sets of results and this is probably what determines whether you win or lose. The most essential thing to keep in your mind is that when playing online slots is that the computer doesn’t know you. It also doesn’t remember if you played previously.

NetEnt is Licensed to provide Fair Games

Online casino games are designed by humans. They are responsible for ensuring that the games' components including RTPs and RNGs work correctly. NetEnt focuses too much energy on ensuring fair gameplay. Additionally, NetEnt’s slots are carefully vetted by different vetting bodies to ensure that their random number generators are up to standard and that they are not compromised. One of the most monumental casinos licensing bodies that license Netent to include the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Commission. Independent casino analysts are of the opinion that the UK Gambling Commission is hardest to please and is very keen on fairness.

If you are looking for a casino to play some NetEnt slots, there are some insights you may need to look into. Firstly, you may need to ensure that the casino offers games from NetEnt. Indeed, NetEnt gives a seal of approval to all casinos that offer their games to players. Additionally, you may need to make sure that the casino is fully licensed. This ensures that the games at the casino are also up to standard and can be trusted. With the tips provided in the article, you now can be sure to try your luck on NetEnt casinos with confidence.


Are Netent Slots Rigged? | Exploring the Facts