When Pigs Fly Slot

  • Jan 21, 2021

The amusing game comes with several features, and it is entertained packed to keep new players engaged. The game comes with 5 reels, and the winning ways vary from 45 to 3125 times. The game has free spins and re-spin features, although there are no scatters in the game. Learn more about When Pigs Fly from netentcasino to increase your knowledge of the features of the game. Who wouldn't want to fly a pig? This is the time to bring home beautiful riches from another planet when you access it.


How to Increase Your Winning Ways

There are many exciting features of the game. One of the most important features is the re-spin. When you win a re-spin, the number of winning ways in the game increases. Therefore, a user will be able to win more games and will have a higher potential of enjoying more bonuses in the game. At first, you will start with 45 ways of winning before the numbers change as the re-spins intensify. Access eliteimagefitnessgear.com to know each re-spin creates a high winning potential in the game.

  • The winning potentials increase with the number of re-spins in the game
  • The winning ways increase from 45, 135, 405, 675, 1125, 1875 and 3125.

The winning ways change from 45, 135, 405, 675, 1125, 1875, and 3125 with each re-spin. Therefore, you should aim at getting more re-spins if you want to adapt to the game. With 3125 ways of winning, the players have a chance of entering the bonus game, boosting their winning chances. Additionally, the wild symbol found in the slot assists the users in completing any combination in the demo slots. In the game, any symbol without the exclusion is replaced using a wild symbol.

The most entertaining feature when accessing the re-spins is the astronaut found on the right side of the reel. The astronauts get happier as the number of wins increase. The re-spins are activated, enabling the astronaut board the ship to go to an adventure involving a collection of riches. Matching single combination awards players with a re-spin feature, thus making the astronaut happier. All you need to remember is that you have to win to unlock the free spin features in the game.

Fulfill Your Piggy Dream with more Features

The slot is funny, making it a popular slot in Netent. The concept of expanding your winning ways makes new players adapt faster to the game. The slot is stacked with symbols, and it has many pay lines that are activated after every win. Your winning ways expand, making you have higher potential for big and mega wins when playing the game. The top payment in the game is close to 1000 times of the initial bet. The winning potential is not massive, but you have the potential of achieving it.

When accessing the game, there are low paying symbols. For instance, there are As and the mediums that are used as slot symbols in the game. The top symbols in the slot include the two astronaut pigs found on the reels. There is a primary slot logo of the game with the name "When Pigs Fly." As a new player, know that there are no scatters because the bonuses are triggered after winning 5 times when using the re-spin feature. Access this slot to earn more.

When Pigs Fly Netent Slot